Chris Velas

Velas 3 2004
Chris Velas, our longest employee currently at Saucon Valley Bikes, has been with us since September 2001. The locals know Chris well for his crazy riding skills, whether it’s racing in a 24 hour event in Blue Jeans, or doing backflips off the SVBikes ramp at our demos.
Chris started with us when he was 16, being home schooled, he would finish his schooling, jump on his bike, ride to town, roughly 10 miles from home, then spend the rest of his day on a bike until it got dark. He was probably the strongest, fastest young riders I have ever met. He was all psyched when he came in one day, having just ridden a wheelie from his house to the shop.
Working his way through college, then on to his corporate job, Chris can still be found working at SVBikes on Saturdays, just because he enjoys being here so much. The bonus is his “pretty blue eyes” that have attracted many customers both male & female. Awkward.

Year Born: 1985

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Pretty Blue

Type of riding: Freeride, Dirt Jump, Downhill, Mountain XC,

Favorite Place I’ve Ridden: Woodward

Why? Acres of Ramps

Favorite Beverage: Beer

Favorite Customer: Neck Guy

Why? Don’t Ask

Pet Peeve: Pretty Girls asking him out

Tunes: Trapped, Stone Sour,

Perfect Pizza: Plain, Burger: Plain, Anything: Plain

Best Physical Feature: His Pretty Blue Eyes

Current Bikes:
Santa Cruz Bullit
Wheels: King/ DT 6.1D
HBar: Truvativ Holzfeller
Stem: Thomoson X4
Seatpost: Thomson
Saddle: Primo Balance
Cranks: Truvativ Holzfeller
Brakes: Avid Juicy 7
Shifters: Sram X.9
Rr Der: Sram X.9
Grips: Primo Wall
Rr shock: Fox DHX 5.0
Ft Shock: Manitou Travis 180 TPC
Pedals: Crank Bros 50/50
Headset: FSA Orbit 1.5
.243 SL
Wheels: Atom Lab Pimplite
HBar: Easton EA50
Stem: Easton Vice
Seatpost: Primo Rod
Saddle: Primo Balance
Cranks: Profile
Brakes: Hayes El Camino
Grips: Primo
Ft Shock: Rock Shox Argyle 302
Pedals: Primo Balance
Headset: Chris King

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